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News May 2024

Ticket Prices:

5 Day Ticket:

£165 if you have a well paid job £135 if you don’t

Children £40 | 16-17 year olds £65

Day Tickets: Adults £45, Children £45, 16-17 year olds £65

Festival dates: Small World Summer Tour 2024

Small World Spring Festival: 23rd - 27th May

GLASTONBURY: 26th 30th June glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

Buddhafield: 17th – 21st July buddhafield.com

Small World Summer Festival: 22nd - 26th August

Freewheelers We are having to charge for car parking as our car park has been bursting at the last few events and also this will help fund our childrens area.
So please car share where you can or check out lifts offered/wanted on the Freewheelers website: freewheelers.co.uk/events.php


Martha Tilston’s Gig @ Spring 09 Small World

Here’s a beautiful Video of Martha Tilston’s gig with us at a Spring Festival, it’s a few years back now but I think it sums up our adventures in the fields better than my words ever could...Enjoy.

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