Small World Solar Stage started of as a dream as may projects do.
The dream was to live sustainable life, with like-minded individuals:
A permanent festival.
Where musicians and artists can create and grow,
where people can empower and be empowered,
where butterflies can find their wings.

Some days at the Small World we need a bigger tent! ~ Big Green 2002

Well, so far due to laws in this country that stop us inventing our own lifestyles and living on the land instead of building on it, the permanent part of our dream is still to be realised.
What we have achieved with the Small World so far has given us some extraordinary and magical experiences as well as giving us an avenue to meeting some of the most amazing and beautiful people.

The Small World Solar Stage, as some of you will know spends its summers travelling the green festival circuit. We are a live, Solar Powered stage and cafe, our shows range from the healing to the stomping. A magical mix of world, folk and acoustic bliss.

Our space has been welcomed on the healing camps like Earth Spirit and Buddahfield as well as holding it's own at the larger events like Glastonbury and Big Green Gathering.

Small World ~ Glastonbury 2002

Solar Power and renewable energies have been essential to realising our dream.
It is the key to sustainability and means the show stays at a magical human level.
Small is beautiful, personal and gives us all a chance to flourish.

(Left: Pony with his treasured Solar Panels ~ Earth Spirit 2002)

Small World in the winter is based just outside London were we avoid a square box, 9 to 5 existence by being involved with the conscious party scene.

Putting our stage into all-night parties alongside other performance and dance spaces. At these Parties attention to detail is a must, imagine a festival squeezed into a 10 hour Party and you get quite a intoxicating mix of enjoyment, love and healing.

To Contact us either for a booking or to be put on our emailing list send your details to

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